Using A One-Way Exclusion Funnel To Remove An Opossum Without Trapping Them

Using Exclusion Funnels on Opossums

For a lot of people, trapping animals is not a viable option. It may be safe and effective, especially for an animal like the opossum, but many still fear it. Due to costs and stress, there is the desire to find another way. You want to remove the opossum without having to lay a single trap anywhere. This is doable. Through one-way exclusion, you can remove opossum from your home. It is an effective method of removal, though you should understand its use fully before implementing it. When you understand it and its risks, it is easier to put it to use. It can do great work when used properly and it can give you a hands-off way of removing any opossum from your home.

One-Way Exclusion

One-way exclusion funnels allow an animal to leave the property, but not to enter it. When they go through the tunnel into the outside, the funnel will not have an opening for them to return. This keeps them out for good. If the opossum tries to come back, the exclusion trap will not give them an option. So long as there are no other access points, the opossum will be out of your property for good. For its own safety and needs, it will have to move on to another property. Exclusion traps work exceptionally well with nearly every animal. This includes opossums, but there is something extra to keep in mind. There are times when the opossum can cause damage if the funnel is not big enough or if it feels trapped in any way. Due to this risk, you may want to consider placing the funnel at night, when the opossum has likely left the space already.

Cleanup and Maintenance

After the opossum has gone, check the area fully. You want to make sure there are no babies and no extra access points around the property. Either one can cause a big problem for you. If you find any young, remove them immediately and place them with the mother. If you find any holes, patch them up. Do regular upkeep and maintenance around the property to lower the chance of new opossums entering in the future. Without a way in, they are likely to move on to somewhere else.

One-way exclusion funnels can work well. Find a spot, set it up, and let it do its job. You should have no opossum worries by the next day.

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