What Kind of Damage Do Rats Cause in an Attic?

A rat or mice infestation can cause a lot of problems inside your house. They are known to gnaw at anything, spread diseases, and contaminate food. They can live inside walls, sheds, or attics. Rodents in Attics

If your attic has a lot of furniture, mice can gnaw at them anytime. They are known to gather wood shavings and wirings. They use them to build a nest. They can also make upholstered furniture that is inside your attic their home if left undisturbed. This can cause a lot of problems. When your wiring and plumbing goes through your attic, mice and rats can chew at it.

Effect of mice on wires

If your electrical wires are located in your attic, make sure that it is safe from any pests. Mice can cause lights to go out or malfunction by gnawing at electrical wires. If copper wires are exposed to something that is flammable, they will ignite instantly. Fire can cost you a lot. You can also lose your valuables and your house instantly because of a fire. Mice can gnaw anything from cloth, books, wood, paper and electrical wires. They like to chew on something in order to wear down their teeth. Their teeth are constantly growing and they need to keep it in check.

Effect of mice and rats on books and wood

You may have important documents, papers, diaries and other items that you keep in the attic. They will also be chewed if the pests were not kept in check. The wood that serves as the frame of your house can deteriorate because of mice. The mice can be removed easily from your attic if it is clear or has a small amount of furniture. However, if your attic has a lot of furniture in it, you might need the help of an expert to get rid of the rodents permanently.

Reproduction of Mice and Rats

A single mouse can’t do a lot of damage to your attic. However, they can reproduce quickly. A female mouse can give birth within a month’s time. Each birth can result in 3-15 litters. They can also breed whenever they like. Male mice are polygamous and will mate every female that they find. Females are less agonistic. It means that they don’t usually fight with other females in the same colony. Because of this, they are able to ensure survival by breeding a lot in a single year. Rats are able to give birth to their young 5 times a year. Each birth can produce up to 14 litters. These 14 litters can reach sexual maturity in about 6 weeks.

Rat and mice behavior in the attic

Since there can be a lot of them gnawing on your wires and furniture, you might want to invest in mouse traps. You can resort to the DIY method or leave the mouse infestation. However, if you can’t remove them yourself, you can leave the removal to the hands of professionals.

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